Moon Calendar 2022
Moon Calendar 2022
Moon Calendar 2022
Moon Calendar 2022

Moon Calendar 2022

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To enhance the connection to the planetary cycles and inspire your day!

The moon calendar follows the monthly cycles of the phases of the moon. Used by ancient civilizations, the phases of the moon helped guide them in knowing when to schedule vital activities like harvesting and hunting. Nowadays the moon calendar is used for ritual purposes. It helps us to observe the impact that the moon causes on us.

“The rhythm of the moon’s phases has guided humanity for millennia” Charles Q. Choi


  • Moon Orientation Chart
  • Inspirational Artwork
  • Uplifting Quotes
  • Size: 27cm x 27cm 

  • Eco-friendly: Water-based ink, Biodegradable, Nontoxic & Free of phthalates, PVC, and silicone.
  • Top layer: microfiber treated with anti-slipping coat

  • Bottom layer: 100% Natural Rubber

  • Dimension: 1.83cm (72'') long & 61cm (24'') wide
  • Thickness: 4mm (0.16'') 

  • Weight: just over 2.5Kg

The mats don't require much care, but if you would like to extend it's lifetime follow the instructions:
  • Hang to dry if necessary and keep dry after each use.
  • Store mat in a cool ventilated space.
  • Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using essential oils to clean your mat.
  • Do not iron

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  • Machine wash cold

  • Line dry in shade

  • Iron low heat

  • Wash with like colours

  • Do not bleach 

  • Do not tumble dry