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holly milner art
 Holly Milner


Holly has been practicing as an artist on the Coast for 6 years after breaking through massive mental blocks. She continues to use this as an incentive to get other emerging artists to do the same.

The creative side of the mind can be plagued by self doubt and procrastination.
Holly feels her story can assist others to break down those beliefs. The art practice is a mediation. Fully focused and immersed in the process gives you a mindful mental break.

Holly uses many mediums but her favourite is watercolour. For its loose qualities, it’s an incredible tool for learning to let go.
The paint flow is all part of the magic.
Holly has a regular yoga breath work and meditation practice so this was a dream project. She's the mind behind Moon Phases Mat.

Holly has exhibited at the Moff:Art Exhibition and Maroochydore Art Space and daily on Instagram and Facebook.

Lorraine Foster
Lorraine Foster Creative


Lorraine is a full-time working Mum of two who has always been passionate about her creative side. From a young age she was a keen artist particularly with drawing.

Lorraine balances out her lifestyle by taking a break from her analytical and mentally demanding professional life by indulging in her creative side with various art forms including painting and drawing, digital design, and furniture refurbishing during her down time. She loves to draw on inspiration from nature and you will often see her out long distance walking at various locations on the Sunshine Coast to source ideas and indulge in much needed quiet thinking time. She's the mind behind the Chakras Mat, and you can follow her on Instagram.

Lorraine is dedicated to teaching her kids that life is about balance and treating all your passions with as much attention as possible.


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