Supporting Ethical, Conscious, Local & Small Brands

Over the years, EK has grown from supporting people's journeys of self-discovery to also incorporating a curated marketplace of small, conscious, ethical and local small businesses that support and complement each other journey in a meaningful way.

Today more than ever, we believe our purposefully way of producing and sourcing products and business will continue creating solid relationships with our community to leave a better future for our new generations through the B2B Partnership Program.

What are we looking for?

As the meaningful way to shop local, our marketplace is all about delivering enhancing experiences.

That's why we are constantly looking for ethical, conscious, local and small businesses and brands that complement each other and align with our core values—expanding our product categories, from yoga clothing and accessories to rituals and crystals, as well as wellness and lifestyle products.

Yoga Accesories

Yoga/Actiwear Clothing

Ritual & Crystals

Wellness & Lifestyle

What are the benefits?

* Scale on business growth and value.
* Access to a new customer base and market that would be difficult to reach on your own.
* Increase brand awareness.
* No upfront cost to list your products.
* Build relationships with like-minded partners.
* Opportunities for collaboration in photoshoots, marketing material, product development and social media campaigns.

Apply now* if you want to be part of a growing meaningful community supporting each other to scale and grow.

Need more time? No worries, see what other business partners say about the program!


*Applications are subject to our approval. Please allow up to two weeks for a formal response.