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Enlightened koala is all about providing a life-changing experience. We want to empower you, we want you to see and feel that you are a lot more than you think. We are here only to point you in the right direction, because you, and only you, have the power required to achieve all you want in life. We want to help you unleash the power of self-transformation, and yoga is one of the ways to do that.

Our brand is here to showcase that yoga is a lot more than just exercising, the mind plays an important part in the yogi journey but lots of people don’t know or don’t understand that. That’s why our meaningful mats were designed to increase the connection between body and mind, they have symbols, mantras and asanas printed, their colors are to reflect it as well. They take into consideration that energy is all around us and that everything stores it, good or bad. So when you believe that a yoga mat can bring you good vibes, it will.

We are community oriented, we love kirtans meditation and mantras, we are always open, happy to chat and help you with your struggles because, to be honest, we have all been there.

       Love & Light