Hi, I’m Rossana. I’m not a yoga teacher or a bendy pretzel. I’m just a regular person that has had life transformed by yoga and meditation.

I love books, my favorite is Harry Potter. I’d like to believe that magic exists and that we’re surrounded by it. Certainly not like the book, but the power we have within. We have magic inside us, waiting to be found so we can be who we really are.

Yoga has taught me that there are lots of aspects to life that need to be observed and that the purpose of the practice is to cultivate higher consciousness in the individual. I know it sounds confusing so to make it simple, yoga is a lot more than stretching. The sad part of it is that in recent years yoga has been overlooked as a form of exercising and people are forgetting the real purpose behind it. It was no surprise when I started looking for a yoga mat, I couldn’t find a single one that would elevate my practice in any way.

I wanted a mat that would allow me to have a powerful connection with myself and my practice. Just like that, I realized that yoga mats are extremely important to the yogi journey. I wanted to bring more than comfort and beauty. I wanted to feel that, when rolling out my mat, I would enter this zone, a place devoted to myself, where I could get to know me, my sacred space. I couldn't leave this idea behind, I had to do something with it.

That’s how Enlightened Koala was born. I couldn’t be more proud, bringing into life yoga mats that combine the best eco-friendly materials with our meaningful designs. Our mats have a purpose and they bring meaning to your practice, increasing the connection between body, mind & soul. Are you ready to have your life transformed by our Meaningful Mats?


"You don't step onto a yoga mat unless you want something in your life to change" - Sam Chase


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Environmentally Aware


Apart from making sure our yoga mats cause minimal damage to the environment, we also wanted to contribute towards wildlife. As an Australian brand and so much love for the koalas, I felt the need in helping to maintain their habitats. We donate 1% of profits to the Australian Koala Foundation


       Love & Light