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Surya Namaskar Mat

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Surya Namaskar Mat has been developed to proportionate a mindful experience while practicing Sun Salutations. Body and mind connected, the subtle movement from one asana to another, the smooth breathing and chanting, it all comes together to a beautiful practice. Doesn’t know how to practice Sun Salutations with mantras? Don’t worry, we send an explanatory printing material along with the mat.

Enlightened Koala design mats with you in mind, bringing purpose to your practice. Whatever your age, weight, flexibility, or beliefs may be, you can benefit from our mats. They are designed for beginners and advanced Yogis; it also suits all classes.

Our awesome design Mats are Eco-friendly, made with water-based ink leaving no smell and biodegradable. They are also, nontoxic and free of phthalates, PVC, and silicone.

The top layer with the velvety finish is a luxury printed microfiber that will give you more gripping as sweatier as you get. The bottom layer is 100% natural rubber.

The mats are 1.83cm (72'') long, 61cm (24'') wide and 4mm (0.16'') thick, weighing just over 2.5Kg. Being extra long and soft they allow you to enjoy and get out more from your practice.


All our mats come with carrying strap, information and instruction sheet on how to care for them.


The mats don't require much care, but if you would like to extend it's lifetime follow the instructions below.
  • Hang to dry if necessary
  • Keep  dry after each use
  • Store mat in a cool ventilated space
  • Avoid direct sunlight


Thoroughly wipe down mat with damp cloth before initial use. Use warm water. Do not use soap. Dry completely in a cool, shaded place before rolling up.


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