Hatha Activewear

Hatha is an ethical and sustainable activewear brand, whose mission is to inspire positive changes. Hatha loves fashion, but they love our planet even more. That’s why they believe in a manufacturing model that values minimal ecological footprint.


Hatha, also values respect and “fairness”. They ensure their workers receive the respect they deserve and earn enough to support themselves and their families without working too hard. 

Using only sustainable and truly biodegradable fabrics such as Amni Soul Eco®, their fabrics decompose in about 5 years after being disposed of into landfills. This does NOT mean it will disintegrate while you’re wearing it! It simply means, unlike other synthetic fabrics, Amni Soul Eco® naturally decomposes leaving no trace behind.

Every sustainably-minded decision you make can help to reduce the impact on the environment.

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