Not feeling the love? Try this heart-centered yoga practice

Not feeling the love? Try this heart-centered yoga practice

Are you feeling the fear going around? People are so disconnected from their hearts, it’s so sad to see, they became so selfish. Did you know that most of us have blocks and imbalances that prevent us from accessing the power of our heart chakra? When this chakra is blocked we may experience difficulties in relating with others, such as excessive jealousy, codependency, or being closed down, withdrawn. Most importantly, people don’t know that there are ways to reduce and stop this from happening. 

I see there’s a lack of vital information that needs to be shared, Heart Opening Yoga Practices. I came across it a while ago, I’ve learned that heart-opening poses help us feel more connected to our inner selves, we feel more compassionate and loving. These practices help us to balance and heal our heart chakra, which leads us to give and receive unconditional love. Making us realize that all people are deserving of love



To balance and heal our heart chakra, we need to practice poses that expand the chest to free the energy stuck there (such as camel, a supported back bend, pigeon pose, or standing back bend). If you’re like me and also love crystals, the recommended ones are rose quartz, jade, aventurine, and clear quartz, they alleviate fears and open the heart to love and truth.

So, how are you feeling? How are you dealing with all the stress that’s been going on? What are you doing about it? I feel sick, my heart is sad. I’m also scared, but I’m trying to do something about it to avoid spreading it further, like the COVID-19. I’m committing to my daily yoga and meditation practice, I’m looking inwards and trying to project calm and stillness outwards (I must say that it’s very hard, but better than doing nothing). I can see clearly how this affects at least my family, we have days when tension is so present that I can almost touch it. As soon as we shift our energy and connect with our hearts everything goes away. 

Now imagine if we all learn how to be aware of it and not spread it further, or even better, imagine if we all only share heart-centered energy?! Love & Kind! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?! I bet all this would be a bit lighter for us, for our families, our friends. Don’t believe me? So why not give it a go and try our FREE Heart Opening Yoga Practice for 2 weeks? I dare you!


“As we begin to take care of ourselves we lift ourselves up. When we lift ourselves, we can lift up our family and friends, our workplaces, and our communities.”  - Rusty Wells


Love & Light




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