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My First Yoga Class

I still remember my first yoga class, had no idea what to expect, feeling a bit anxious and nervous. ‘People will be looking at me, and what if I’m doing everything wrong.’ To give me the courage I dragged my husband along.

The teacher was probably around 60, don’t need to mention that she was in better shape than me. I was quite surprised, as there was an interesting mix of practitioners, young and not so young, skinny and chubby, all types of bodies. As the class went by I realized how hard yoga was, it requires not only flexibility but also focus, balance, and strength. Of course, I did not manage to do some poses, I was so stiff and not coordinated. You should see my folding forward back then, shocking! But you know what, nobody cared, not a single person was looking at me, they were all so deep into their practices, simple like that. When the instructor said it was time for Savasana I had no idea what was coming, and because I had no expectations, I allowed myself to be taken to the journey of yoga nidra, I had an incredible experience. I remember leaving the class smiling from ear to ear, and so did my husband.

I’m so glad that I decided and dared to start yoga, we are always so afraid of the first step. But it’s ok, “Everybody’s gotta learn, nobody’s born knowing.” - Harper Lee

Everyone's experience is different, and you might not like the first one, but don’t give up! There are so many types of classes and studios, I am sure that you if really want you will find the right one for you.

          Love & Light

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