How To Get Your S*** Together? Easy, Vibe Higher

How To Get Your S*** Together? Easy, Vibe Higher

How often you wake up in a good mood and suddenly remember that you don’t have milk for the coffee, you’ve run out of wraps to prepare lunch, and now you’re late. Going through traffic rush hour and your children screaming at the back, you already want this day to be over, and it’s only 8.30am.


How To Get Your S*** Together? Easy, Vibe Higher


You get the picture, right? It’s hard to stop the void and make things go back to normal.  

Reality is that bad things happen to us, always do, and will. The worst part is that there’s nothing you can do to avoid it, what you can and should do is learn how to react to it. When you learn how to deal with your frustrations, you’ll see everything from a different perspective. Accepting, learning from it and moving on. You can deal with all that easier when you’re vibing high. 


What does raise your vibration means?


I’m sure you’ve heard before the expression “raise your vibration”, but do you know what it means? We are made out of energy and we resonate at different levels, the term, raising vibrations, means that we’re resonating high-level energy. Why is this important? Because there’s an exchange of energy between ourselves and the rest of the Universe. So, what happens when you raise your vibration? When you vibe high you receive it back, the same occurs when you vibe low. 

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.”


How to vibe higher?


So even when things go down south, and it’s too late to avoid that fury burst, you can still get your s*** together and find ways to increase your energy field. How to do that? There are different ways to do it, but the first and most important is to breathe. Count to 10 slowly while breathing, reminding yourself that everything will pass, and it’s going to be ok. Next, you need to discover how to make you go back on track.

Everyone is different, and something that works for me might not work for you, that is why I’m listing a few options here. High chances that you already use one of these practices without even realizing, but who knows?! There might be something new that you’ll like. Check it out, try a few, and find out what works best for you:

  1. Meditation & Breathing practices: Helps you to calm down the nervous system and improves your mood. Check here a few examples from Chopra.   
  2. Yoga: Will help you to shift your attention to your body and make your thoughts present. Letting go of any unwanted concerns.
  3. Journaling: Transferring the thoughts from your head to paper makes you feel relieved and calms down the big emotions you're feeling.
  4. Practice Gratitude: Changing your thinking into something that you’re grateful for will bring a wave of good energy. 
  5. Om Mat: Our mat has been designed to bring positive energy. Make the connection, sit on your mat, and enjoy that contact, aware of yourself and your body.
  6. Smudge and Incenses: The scent from the burning of incenses or sage affects the limbic system (it controls our emotions). This means that they have a deep effect on your vibrations and will help clear the bad energy surrounding yourself and the space you are at.  
  7. Crystals: Like us, the crystals also have energy stored. When the crystal’s field interacts with your own there’s an exchange of information and you can use them as a vibrational enhancer.
  8. Read books that make you feel good: Give something else to occupy your brain. Books are an amazing way of helping to change focus, to let go of whatever is bothering you.  
  9. Contact with nature: Go for a walk and appreciate how beautiful nature is. When you really pay attention and connect with nature you’ll feel how perfect everything is the way it is.
  10. Affirmation Notes: A great tool to be used as positive reinforcement, reminding yourself every morning how amazing you are (Yes, I know you are!). 
  11. Oracle Cards: I love them, especially when feeling a bit insecure, it’s like “asking” the source for support and guidance. It’s incredible how those cards know exactly what you’re going through and how to make you feel better.
  12. Singing: It’s very quick and effective. When you start singing, ideally out loud, you’ll make the stagnant energy, especially on your throat chakra, move out from your body.
  13. Dancing: Works the same way as singing. Moving the body, moving the energy. 
  14. Drinking Cacao: I find a cup of warm and delicious cacao extremely helpful, makes me feel more connected and grateful. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a warm drink right?! If you need scientific explanation you'll like to know that cacao contains high levels of Magnesium (important for brain function), plus neurotransmitters, and neuro-modulators like dopamine (motivation and pleasure) & norepinephrine (joy) (Click here to know more).

I hope you enjoyed and learned a new thing or two. I’m sure they will help you to deal with any setbacks that life might throw at you with a positive attitude. I wish that you keep vibing high and spreading it to the world.

Love & Light
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