How To Get Out Your Comfort Zone And Be A Better You

How To Get Out Your Comfort Zone And Be A Better You

Have you ever realized how sometimes a simple act causes us to change? Brushing my teeth today threw me back a few years ago when I decided to change a bad habit. You see, I buy toothpaste with a flip lid. They're a bit hard to close, with time the paste dries out and makes it even more difficult. Yep, in my house, nobody closed the lid properly and we always ended up with the most disgusting toothpaste.

disgusting looking like toothpaste lid - How to get out your comfort zone and be a better you
Super disgusting right?!


I lived with that for so long, that I never even realized that it was a thing for me. I was never happy with it, but also never cared enough to do something about it. I thought it was ok, I fooled myself, letting it go for so many years. One day I stared at it in disgust and decided it was enough, banned for good. That was it, 4 years in now and super happy with a clean toothpaste!

Today I see how changing small bad habits can improve our lives. Take a look at my case, I was so absorbed in all my other daily duties and busy life that I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve never had time to think about it, or, which is more appropriate, I never gave myself permission to think about it. “I'll just stay here, nothing changes, that's good, familiar. Why would I change? Are you crazy? The unknown? Too scary!!”. I know it sounds silly when I’m talking about a toothpaste habit, but you know what I’m talking about right? The infamous comfort zone.

What’s more important is, how did I break the cycle? It intrigued me for a while searching for the trigger. Now, I'm confident to say that the change happened because I was starting to get to know myself through yoga and meditation. It was only when I started giving myself time to stop and think about what matters to me, my likes, and dislikes that I saw. It became so clear to me, as simple as 123, I then stepped out from that comfort zone. That was the beginning, I’m glad to say that my last few years have been like this, I can’t stand being that comfortable anymore. When it gets too familiar I start thinking about the next step or the next habit to “fix”.

I know you might be wondering, so what's all that has to do with me? My question is simple, would you like to change yourself for the better? I’m sure you said yes, who wouldn't? Now, how can you do that through changing a bad habit? What is it that you’d be happy to adjust or improve? Is there anything that you’re ashamed of or uncomfortable with? I understand that big changes can be difficult, but how about starting with something small? Maybe you want to stop leaving the clothes accumulating on your bedroom's chair. Or wished that the pile of dishes in the sink vanished. Oh, how wonderful it would be if my bed always looked tidy. I'm scratching the surface here, options are endless. Look, sometimes it doesn’t take much, just the willingness to make the change. Consider this: “If I can’t change a seamless act, how am I going to be a better version of myself?”. Also, making relevant and positive life choices and decisions will help you maximize your potential.

Which simple act can you change today? It’s time to make things happen, to improve yourself. Scared of what people will say or think? Who cares? No one does, you know that you’re giving excuses. You are the only person that matters. I'll ask one more time, are you truly happy about yourself or you’d rather be a better version of yourself?

It is your time, it’s time to make things better for yourself if you don’t, nobody will. Be happy with who you are, everyday small improvements can change your life and especially your health. You deserve it and I know you can do it. I know it’s not a simple process, it requires commitment and persistence, but I believe in you. I’m here to support you in any way you need, simply reach out. 


Set you free from the comfort zone trap, be the change!


Love x x 


PS: If you can think of anyone that would benefit from these words please share with them, often people only need some encouragement. Again, if you need any support through any changes remember that I’m here and always happy to help!

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