Altar, why every yogi has one and why you need one

Altar, why every yogi has one and why you need one

Altar, I know you’ve heard this word before, but what is that? The dictionary explains it as a table or place which serves as a center of worship or ritual. Sounds a bit Complicated? Even weird to think about having one, right? Well, I see it as something very simple. To me, an altar is a place where I keep my uplifting items.   

I often go on walks to the beach with my daughter, I remember one day where she picked up the most interesting shell. It was not particularly pretty, it had holes and it was a bit cracked. But she looked at it and said: "look, mummy, this one's for you, to put on your table". Of course that my heart melted, and now every time I look at it my heart fills with love.


altar: shell that my daughter picked up for meShell that my daughter picked up for me


That's how I do it, I collect my precious pieces and display them on a little table that I have purchased second hand. I also have some crystals, a small Buddha statue, and a salt lamp. What the object is, it's insignificant, but the feeling attached to it is what’s important.


Yogi Home AltarMy home altar

Why is it important to have one and why you should have one? Because of the sensation, the love, the heart-lifting energy attached to your items. They'll allow you to slow down and feel more connected simply by looking at them. When you're in that headspace you're happy, you're safe, you're secure. All your worries go away when you invite positive memories in.

In the house I lived in before, I didn’t have much space, so I kept a box with my precious items. It doesn’t really matter, it's all about the sensation, the feeling of happiness. Go ahead, give it a go, I'm sure you won't regret it.


Love x x

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