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5 bad habits every yogi should avoid

  • 1. Comparing yourself to other yogis
  • Everyone is their own person, but it is hard to concentrate on your own practice when you are in a room full of people. But it really doesn't matter what others can do. Every yogi has their own path and must respect their own pace. Don’t feel bad if the person next to you seems more advanced, one day you’ll get there too. And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter either. Everyone starts yoga for different reasons and the only thing you should worry about is how do you achieve your expectations.



  • 2. Leaving class before Savasana
  • Life is busy for everyone, and there will be times when you just want to escape the class 5 or 10 minutes early, but let’s not make a habit out of it. First of all, leaving early is rude, and also, the Savasana is that rewarding moment after all that hard work you put on your day just to do nothing for a few minutes. Enjoy that moment!



  • 3. Getting ahead of yourself
  • Yes, I know that there are many beautiful (and hard) poses in Yoga, and yes, I know you just want to be able to do them all. But don’t get ahead of yourself. First, you need to master the basics and learn how your body works before trying to do a headstand or stand perfectly still in a balancing pose.



  • 4. Not speaking up
  • Is this your first yoga class? Are you having trouble understanding what the teacher is saying? Don’t be shy! Speak up and ask for the teacher’s help. The teacher is not there for you to copy them, they’re there to help you.


  • 5. Not paying attention to breathing
  • Yoga is all about breathing. Don’t rush through poses just to get everything done. This isn’t your average gym training. Stop, breath and do everything mindfully.

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