4 Props That Can Help You In Your Yoga Practice

4 props that can help you in your yoga practice - blog post
No matter your level of experience in Yoga, props can be very helpful during your practice. We listed 4 props that are easy to find and can have many benefits.


Yoga blocks can come in many different materials, but the important thing about them is that they give your body support in various poses. Sometimes they can give an extra lift if you’re already an advanced yogi or they can bring the floor closer to you if you’re a beginner.
how to use blocks yoga practice


The blanket can be used folded or rolled, and they’re good for cushion hard areas and make uncomfortable poses easier to do on the floor. They provide excellent support for chest-openers, twists and forward bends. 
how to use blankets yoga practice


Straps are also great for advanced yogis or begginers, since they help you reaching difficult poses, and overtime they will help increase your flexibility and alignment. They’ll give you the necessary support for a deeper stretch without compromising your form or tensing your muscles too much.
how to use strap yoga practice


Practicing yoga with a chair can be very good for those who have mobility and strength problems, since chair yoga can be very gentle. You can do a full practice sitting in the chair. But also, the chair can be used as a prop for advanced yogis who are seeking to do different poses, lifts and stretches with their bodies.
how to use chair yoga practice
Don’t waste any more time, get your props and go practice!


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