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5 Ways You Can Be More Eco-friendly

As you already know, our brand is an advocate for the environment. Our mats are made with eco-friendly material as water-based ink. The mats are also biodegradable and nontoxic. They’re also free of PVC, phthalates, and silicon. Nowadays we should always be concerned about the situation of our planet, and everybody should start taking little actions in our day-to-day basis to help to create a better environment for us to live in. Drive less Cars are one of the biggest air quality compromisers. We know it’s comfortable to have your car and go everywhere with it. But, if a place you’re going is close by and you can walk to it, then do it. Or even start sharing rides with...

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4 Props That Can Help You In Your Yoga Practice

No matter your level of experience in Yoga, props can be very helpful during your practice. We listed 4 props that are easy to find and can have many benefits. 1. BLOCKS Yoga blocks can come in many different materials, but the important thing about them is that they give your body support in various poses. Sometimes they can give an extra lift if you’re already an advanced yogi or they can bring the floor closer to you if you’re a beginner. 2. BLANKET The blanket can be used folded or rolled, and they’re good for cushion hard areas and make uncomfortable poses easier to do on the floor. They provide excellent support for chest-openers, twists and forward bends.  3....

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6 Reasons Why Kids Should Also Practice Yoga

We usually think that a child’s life is stress-free, but actually, there are many factors that can make a stressful day, like school pressure, competitive sports, hard classes, the fast-paced life of the parents and many more.   It’s no secret that Yoga is really good for your mind and body. Then why shouldn’t you start practicing at a really young age? Focus and Concentration When you learn yoga, you also learn how to clear your mind and focus on what your body is doing at that moment. This helps kids how to bring attention to those moments when they become distracted. It can be very helpful for school and learning new skills. Strength and Flexibility When you start stimulating...

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