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How are your goals coming along? I'm sure you've started the year with a long list of what you wanted to achieve. Months in and you're overwhelmed, wondering why is it that I can't make a few changes in my life? Don't worry we've all been there. Here's how to deal with resistance to change in 5 easy steps.
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Did you know that it's possible to unlock your full potential just by getting to know yourself better?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

When you see yourself clearly, you feel more confident, you're more creative. You know your thoughts and feelings, where they came from, and how they affect you. It also about knowing your desires, motivations, needs, and values are in life. What makes you get up every morning? What makes you motivated to do your job? Why do you look up to this person? Why do you trust this person and not this one?

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