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Designed to unleash Yoga’s power of self-transformation

Experience a Meaningful Mat

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Meaningful mats

Your mat is a lot more than just a mat, it is your intimate friend. It is an extension of your being, shares all your achievements and failures, always there for you. They also carry and absorb the energy surrounding it. Enlightened Koala mats are here to help bringing good energy to your practice.


  • Water based ink
  • Biodegradable
  • Nontoxic
  • Free of PVC, Phtalates & Silicone

High Quality Mats

  • Luxury Microfiber top layer
  • Velvety finish
  • 100% Natural Rubber bottom layer
  • Excellent grip on the floor

Meaningful Mats

What our customers are saying

Beautiful design -  "My Enlightened Koala Mat is not only beautiful, but it is also well designed. It has a texture on the bottom which allows it to rest on a vinyl floor without slipping during practice. This also keeps the edges down. The side of the mat facing up which you practice on is soft for hands and feet to touch. The artwork used for the mats is inspiring. It also came with carrying straps. I love my mat, it's a great companion for my yoga." - Cath D

My mat, its incredible - "I'm so so in love with my mat, its incredible! Super grippy when sweaty and love the fact theres no little bits of rubber coming off the mat and sticking to you as it wears.. I've not ever had a mat that isnt rubber but I'm super impressed! Not to mention I love the design." - India R

I look forward to rolling out my mat each time - "The mat is amazing. No issues at all. I thought it might get really dirty quickly but I used it 4 times a week minimum and it’s fabulous. I love the quality, better than any other mat I’ve used. I look forward to rolling out my mat each time." - Tracy V